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Klara Login Issue: Certificate Update
Klara Login Issue: Certificate Update
Due to the expiration of a certificate by a global online certificate issuer, a manual update may be required on your device(s) to login.
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If you are unable to log in to Klara, please read the following instructions to resolve this issue for older operating systems such as:

  • macOS < 10.12.1

  • iOS < 10

  • Mozilla Firefox < 50

  • Android < 7.1.1

Step 1

Download the following Root Certificate on the device that you're unable to login from:

Step 2

Install the certificate:

  • Via “Keychain”

  • File > Import Items

You can install it into either the login or system keychain but not System Roots

  • login = Current user only

  • system = All users

Step 3

Manually “Trust” that certificate:

  • Find it (“ISRG Root X1”) in the list and double-click on it

  • Open the “[play button] Trust” area

  • Set: When using this certificate to Always Trust

  • Close the window, which will ask you to verify with your login password

You should be done!

Klara login via Safari should immediately start working again if you reload. Chrome may require that you load previously opened URLs in new tabs or restart your Chrome browser.

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