Restricted User Permission
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Previously, administrators were only able to add a new team member as a "member" user or an "admin." Now, administrators can also add "restricted" users which can only message, mention etc. in conversations assigned to them.

  • Restricted users can only message and mention in conversations assigned to them. For example, mental health professionals who should only communicate with their panel of patients and not be able to see patients of other mental health professionals in the same team.

  • A Restricted User is unable to assign a conversation to someone else.

  • Other staff will have to assign patients to Restricted Users (or inboxes they’re subscribed to) in order for them to be able to see the patient.

  • If a Restricted User, along with other staff members, need visibility into specific patients, a custom Inbox should be created with the Restricted User subscribed to it (completed by an Admin).

  • If a staff has Member or Admin permissions and they are changed to Restricted by accident, they will have access to their previous inboxes, etc. when they are reassigned their former permissions.

  • If a patient is assigned to a Custom Inbox that a Restricted User has access to and the conversation gets closed but the patient messages again, the conversation goes to Unassigned and the Restricted User no longer has access (unless they’ve been subscribed to the Unassigned inbox).

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