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Access patient information directly from the conversation
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Patient information is is now accessible right from the conversation page!

Both non integrated teams and integrated can now see:

  • Recent forms: Notably, these forms will show form requests as well as completed forms, which is an enhancement from the “All files” section (behind the paper clip) which only shows completed forms. We hope that this allows practices to validate that patients are ready for their appointments more quickly. Please note that if you send a form more than once, there will be duplicates here as well.

Insurance and ID information:

  • Quickly see if patients have submitted insurance and ID photos. We will show you the latest submissions, or if they haven’t submitted it, we will show you the latest document request

Integrated teams will also see:

  • MRN with quick-to-copy functionality. Just click on the MRN or on the copy button

  • The appointment schedule, including appointments today (if there are any), the next two upcoming appointments, and the past two appointments. This is a partial schedule view, visit your EHR for a more complete schedule.

If you have any questions please reach out to

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