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Adding the web messenger into a custom button
Adding the web messenger into a custom button
You can install the Klara chat window into any custom button on your website.
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Our web messenger allows patients to reach out to you on Klara directly from your website. To have a general understanding of how the web messenger works, visit this article.

The web messenger shows up as a floating "Message Us" button on your website. However, some customers choose to also have their own "Message Us" button on their site.

To set this up:

  1. Log in to Klara

  2. You will see a long string of digits and numbers after "setWidgetId" (highlighted below):

  3. Append "" before this string. So in this example, your web messenger URL would be:

  4. You're all set! Just tie any button on your site to this link and the button will open the Klara web messenger in a separate page for the patient to use

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