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Sending patient notifications in Spanish
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What's new:

  1. Patients' preferred language (whether it is English or Spanish) will now be recorded in their patient profile

  2. Patients with Spanish as their preferred language will now get notifications from Klara in Spanish

For now, only Spanish and English notifications are supported. Any patient whose preferred language is not Spanish will receive notifications in English.

For customers who are not integrated with an EHR, staff may specify whether the patient will receive notifications in English or Spanish:

For customers integrated with an EHR, Klara will directly populate the patient's preferred language from the preferred language field in your EHR. To change a patient's preferred language, change it directly in the EHR and it will be updated in Klara.

The following patient notifications will be translated to Spanish:

You have a new message from [Practice name]. Click here to reply: [link]

[Provider name] started a video visit with you. Click here to join now: [link]. You can also join from your computer at

To opt-out from texting with us, reply STOP.

Don't forget to read the messages [Practice name] sent you. Click the link to READ: [link]

Reply with "PAUSE" to opt-out of unread message reminders.

Hello from [Practice name]. How can we help you today?

If this is an emergency, please call 911 instead. We are currently closed and will be back [time and day]. Please allow for a delay in our response.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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