While conducting video visits, you may have the need to add an additional participant, who should not have access to the patient's conversation or any PHI. These additional participants might be translators, additional family members, or social workers, just as an example.

You can now easily add them to the video visit right when you're on the call. During your video visit you can click on the three dot icon in the corner and click "Add Participant":

Once you click "Add participant" you are able to enter the phone number of the person you would like to call:

Once the individual is connected to the call, you can use a keypad in case you need to dial any additional numbers through a phone tree. You also have the flexibility to disconnect this participant at any point in time.

Remember that by adding this participant to the call you are not adding them to the patient's conversation or sharing any PHI with them.

We are confident that this will add more flexibility to your video visit experience. We can't wait for you and your team to try it out! As soon as you get started, let us know what you think by chatting us below or emailing support@klara.com.

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