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View & download information collected from Online Forms
View & download information collected from Online Forms
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Any staff member can view an individual patient's completed form in the patient conversation. Form Editors can also view, organize, and download every patient submission of an Online Form in one place.

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Access patient submissions table

Follow these steps:

1) Find the form that you're looking to view all results for in one of your templates and click "Edit."

Staff now how ave a dedicated place where they can see and manage their forms including adding, deleting, and duplicating forms.


2) Click the arrow next to "Form Builder" and click "Tables."

3) View the table where you can analyze and download all results!

Isolate the information you need with filters

Filter your search within a table to show only the data you need. You can hide columns or only view responses that were submitted during a certain period of time.

You can also filter submissions based on an answer selection by clicking "Filter" and selecting the response you're looking to view submissions for.

Note: For multiple-choice questions, you can only filter one answer selection at a time, and that selection will be displayed whether or not there are other selections in that field. For example, here I am filtering that the question response includes the symptom "Sort throat":

Download patient submission data

If you'd like to work with the submission data in Excel or elsewhere, just click "Download All" and choose between CSV, Excel, and PDF format.

View patient submission data in a different format

By the way, the default table view that appears when you first open the table is just one way to view, manage, organize, and track submitted information from your online forms.

Here's how to add different views:

  1. Click "+ Add Tab"

  2. Choose your preferred view

  3. Click "Next"

  4. Select "Connect to Form" and click "Next"

  5. Select the form you'd like to view and edit the responses you'd live to view (if applicable)

Here are two views we think you might want to take advantage of:

Cards view

This particular view displays all of your submitted form information or imported data as individual cards. Each card represents a single entry in a row or a single submission from someone who filled out the online form linked to the tab. Cards in this view are arranged based on when information was created or submitted, with the most recent appearing first.

Report view

This view uses submitted form data or table entries to instantly create stunning charts and presentations that will automatically update when new information is submitted.

In Report view, you should select one of the following report types:

  • Extended. A single chart is shown on each page by default.

  • Compact. Two charts are shown per page by default.

A report will already be set up for you to easily manipulate as needed.

Once you have finished creating your report, you can download it a PDF and get ready to present or send it off!

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