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Product update—Automatically export forms & documents
Product update—Automatically export forms & documents
Send forms & documents to your EHR without the manual clicks
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With Klara, your organization automates the sending of requests for patient information with Klara Assistant, and streamlines the collection of that information with convenient online forms and document requests.

However, we'd heard from customers that transferring that completed information over to your EHR could still be difficult.

Luckily, with Klara's EHR integration, forms and documents can now be exported back to your EHR automatically. That's right, no more clicks needed to get forms and documents where they need to go!

In this article:

How automated export works

Team Administrators will complete a one-time setup to assign each form and document request (Primary Insurance Card, Secondary Insurance Card, ID Card) to a designated category in the EHR.

From then on, all newly completed forms and document requests will be exported to the patient's chart in your EHR automatically as soon as they hit Klara. 🙌

The patient's conversation will still be routed to the "Unassigned" inbox in Klara. When you click through, you'll see a system message that lets you know the form or document has already been exported.

Get started

Team Administrators should follow the steps below to set up automated export.

Please note that only Administrators with Forms Editor accounts can set the category on forms. To check who on your team has a Forms Editor account, head to "Team Settings" > "Members" in Klara.

  1. Go to "Team Settings" > "Templates" and click "Add template."

  2. Click the form icon and select an online form.

  3. Click "Edit" and select the appropriate EHR category for a complete version of this form to be sent. Click "Done" and repeat steps 3-5 for each online form.

  4. Click the document request icon and select a document request that you're currently using in your templates.

  5. Click "Edit" and select the appropriate EHR category for a completed version of this document request to be sent. Click "Save" and repeat steps 7-9 for each document request.

  6. Head back to templates without saving the template you were just working in. Click into a template with an online form or document request and notice these changes have been applied across templates.

That's it! Now sit back, relax, and let completed forms and document requests be exported automatically.

Common questions

Do messages, images, and other types of documents still follow the same manual export process?
Yes! You'll still export messages, images, and any other one-off patient documents using the two-click process you're used to today.

What happens if the automatic export fails?
You'll see a system message within the conversation letting you know there was an error. From there, you'll want to export the form or document manually using the "Export to EHR" button. If the same form or document consistently fails, please contact Customer Support so we can look into it.

If a form or document was automatically exported, do we still have the option to export it manually?
Sure thing! You can always perform a manual export by clicking the "Export to EHR" button. You'll see a note letting you know when the form or document was last exported.

Why don't I see the option to edit or select an EHR category on my form?

If you don't see the "Edit" button on the form, that means you do not have a "Forms Editor" account. To check who on your team has a Forms Editor account, head to "Team Settings" > "Members" in Klara. If you do see the "Edit" button but do not see an "EHR Category" drop-down, then you may be looking at an old fillable PDF form. Automated export only works with online forms.

Does this update add automation to write information from the completed form or document back to the individual fields within the patient's chart in the EHR?
This update does not update actual fields in the patient's chart. The form or document is sent over to the patient's chart in the EHR in the same format as it was before. We completely understand how taking the step to fill the fields would be valuable and we do have plans to provide that in the future—stay tuned!

We're confident that this update will not only save your team time but allow for your forms and documents to get where they need to go more consistently and accurately.

We can't wait for you and your team to try it out! As soon as you get started, let us know what you think by chatting us below or emailing

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