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Everything you need to know to convert your existing forms to new Online Forms
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About Online Forms

Online Forms offer a more mobile-friendly experience to collect patient information, versus the previous digitized PDF forms which could be difficult for patients to read and get through.

Good news: Your organization already has access to use Online Forms. 👍

Here are a few more highlights about what makes the new online forms better than the fillable PDF forms:

  • Effortlessly create forms—no PDF required. A powerful yet easy form builder that allows you to build a mobile-friendly version of even the most complex form in minutes. Create your own form by simply dragging & dropping questions and form fields to where you need them. Or, you can upload your existing PDF and give patients a user-friendly form-filling experience while saving responses in the original PDF form layout.

  • Add created forms to multiple message templates. Once you build a form, it becomes available to add to any message template so your staff will never forget to include it. You won’t need to recreate the form simply to add it to another message template! 🙌

  • Increase your intake completion rate while impressing your patients. No matter what device they're using, they’ll be met with a simple, easy experience. Plus, you can easily build forms to show or hide fields based on their answers so patients can avoid the frustration of trying to figure out which questions are relevant to them.

  • Edit forms in an instant. Make any adjustments in one step, without needing to update a PDF version first. Once edits are made, they’ll be applied to every message template the form is attached to.

Review and replace existing forms with Online Forms

Now that you have access to new Online Forms, you can no longer create a new form using the old functionality.

On March 31, 2021, your legacy PDF forms will be removed from your Klara account and your team will no longer be able to use them.

Here are the steps a Team Administrator should take before March 31 to ensure all your existing forms have been migrated.

Step 1: Review the forms we've already migrated for you.

Staff now how ave a dedicated place where they can see and manage their forms including adding, deleting, and duplicating forms.


1) The good news is we've already created new forms for you based on your existing fillable PDF forms! Go to "Team Settings" > "Templates" and add a new template to review the forms we've created.

2) Click "Create eForm" to view your new Online Forms (named exactly like the existing ones). These will replace your existing forms, but first you'll want to review and edit each form to make sure everything looks good.

3) Start by reviewing one of the forms. Click on any form listed and click "Edit."
Note: If you don't see an "Edit" button, that means you're not a Forms Editor. By default, your organization has one free Forms Editor account that allows them to create and edit new online forms. You can check who your team's Forms Editor is by going to "Team Settings" > "Members" in Klara.

4) We imported your existing PDF file to create this form. Click "Next" on the banner to review the form.

5) You’ll see a mobile-friendly version of the form on the left. This is what patients will see when they’re completing the form. When a patient completes the form, this PDF on the right will be returned to you, retaining its layout with all the questions filled out. You’ll want to check and make sure the fields on the left match up to the PDF fields on the right.

6) If needed, you can remove fields, add new fields, or change the location of the fields. For more information on how to do this, check out this article.

7) When you're satisfied with your form and all the fields have matched up, preview the form using the "Preview Form" toggle to see how it will look from the patient's perspective on different devices.

8) When you're done, head back to your builder, make any adjustments, and click "Done."

9) This form is good to go! You'll repeat this review process for each form listed.

Step 2: Update your templates by removing the old form versions and replacing them with the Online Forms.

1) Click out of your new template and open an existing template where an old version of the form exists.

2) Remove the old version of the form and replace it with the new Online Form you just reviewed. You can easily add the forms you built to multiple templates without needing to contact our team!

3) Follow these steps for each of your templates that contain old forms!

🚀 That's it; you're ready to go! Once you have your forms attached to your templates, you’ll send them out in the patient conversation just like you do today.

Common questions about the transition

How do I change the designated Forms Editor or add more Forms Editor accounts?

Please complete this form to change or add Form Editors. Adding multiple Forms Editors comes at no additional charge until your 2021 renewal, at which point each additional Forms Editor will result in an additional $50 per month to your annual contract (will be in effect until the end of that renewal term).

On March 31, will the PDFs that have been completed by patients via the existing fillable PDF forms functionality still be available in each patient’s conversation?

Yes! All PDFs that were completed using the legacy functionality will remain available in Klara.

Not all of my team's forms were transitioned for us. What should we do?

If we did not create a draft of an existing form it's likely because the form was added to your account recently. You can build this form using the new functionality or reach out to us at and we can get this started for you.

Can someone from Klara help me migrate my existing forms to the new online forms solution?

Yes! We’re here to help. Reach out to us at

Learn more about Online Forms

If you're ready for a deep dive into all things forms, we hosted a live webinar where Klara product experts explained the ins and outs of online forms and reviewed best practices to make your forms as successful as possible. Check it out!:

As always, you reach us by chatting in the bubble below or emailing We're happy to help you make this transition!

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