I can't log in to my account.
Help troubleshooting account issues.
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If you're having trouble with accessing your account,
please make sure to try the following first:

I'm not receiving the verification code
If you're not receiving the 4-digit code via text message then your phone number is most likely wrong. Please make sure that you entered your phone number correctly, and it's the same you already received text message from Klara before.

The verification code isn't accepted
For security purposes the 4-digit code is only valid for 10 minutes. If you've requested a code earlier, please make sure to simply repeat the login process to get a brand new code.

I can't log in from any device
It's always a good idea to double check if the same issue persists on another device. Please try to log in from your computer, laptop, or another smartphone by going to patient.klara.com.

I still need help!
If you've tried the above steps with no luck, reach out to us at support@klara.com to get help from our team. We're very sorry for your inconvenience.

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