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Product update—Introducing Klara Online Forms
Product update—Introducing Klara Online Forms
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With Klara, you already have a powerful way to collect information from patients and ensure they have an intake process that’s convenient for them and more streamlined for you. You can digitize your PDF forms into fillable documents, add them to your message templates, and include them in your workflows to get intake completed before the patient’s appointment.

However, we’d heard from customers that you're looking for a more mobile-friendly experience, as the PDFs can be difficult for patients to read and get through. We also know that creating each fillable PDF form for every message template was time-consuming, preventing you from making changes easily.

That’s why we’re introducing Klara Online Forms—our new forms solution that will enable your team to easily get all the information you need while giving your patients an excellent experience.

Before we jump in!

We hosted a live webinar where Klara product experts explained the ins and outs of online forms and reviewed best practices to make your forms as successful as possible. Check it out!:

What your organization can do with Klara Online Forms

Staff now how ave a dedicated place where they can see and manage their forms including adding, deleting, and duplicating forms.


Effortlessly create forms—no PDF required

We partnered with JotForm—the industry leader in HIPAA-compliant forms—to provide a powerful yet easy form builder that allows you to build a mobile-friendly version of even the most complex form in minutes. Create your own form by simply dragging & dropping questions and form fields to where you need them. Or, you can upload your existing PDF and give patients a user-friendly form-filling experience while saving responses in the original PDF form layout.

Add created forms to multiple message templates

Once you build a form, it becomes available to add to any message template so your staff will never forget to include it. You won’t need to recreate the form simply to add it to another message template! 🙌 If Klara is integrated with your practice’s EHR/PM system, you can send these messages out to patients automatically days before their appointment.

Increase your intake completion rate while impressing your patients

Filling out forms will never be on anyone’s list of favorite activities, but Klara’s Online Forms make this process as convenient—and dare we say pleasant?—as possible. As always, patients will receive a text message with a link where they'll verify their information and start completing forms right away. No matter what device they're using, they’ll be met with a simple, easy experience. Plus, you can easily build forms to show or hide fields based on their answers so patients can avoid the frustration of trying to figure out which questions are relevant to them.

Edit forms in an instant

We know that office policy and information collection practices can change often, especially during a global pandemic. With Klara’s Online Forms, you can make any adjustments in one step, without needing to update a PDF version first. Once edits are made, they’ll be applied to every message template the form is attached to.

Get started

To help you get started, we’ve created drafts of your existing forms using the new functionality. These drafts were based on the forms that were listed in your Klara account on August 1, 2020.

By default, your organization has one free Forms Editor account. Your Forms Editor can review, edit, and create online forms. You can check who your team's Forms Editor is when the functionality goes live by going to Team Settings > Members in Klara.

If you need to change the designated Editor or add more Editor accounts, please complete this quick form to let us know. Note: All team members can send forms to patients and view completed forms.

We encourage you to fully transition your existing forms over to the new functionality soon, but you’ll have until the end of February to do so. Starting March 31, 2021, your existing fillable PDF forms will no longer be available.

Here's a three-minute video to get you started on the basics of transitioning your forms:

We can’t wait for you and your team to try the new Online Forms! Learn more by checking out our full list of resources here. As soon as you get started, let us know what you think by chatting with us below or emailing

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