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Getting Started with Modernizing Medicine Integration
Getting Started with Modernizing Medicine Integration
Instructions to assist in requesting your API Key from Modernizing Medicine.
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  1. You will need to send the following information to your Klara Implementation Manager or Customer Success Manager.

  2. Practice EMA URL: only the portion before from customer’s EMA login URL is needed. (ex.

    Target Go Live Date: this is the go-live date of the integration, most requests are completed in 3-4 business days

    # of Licensed Providers: number of providers in contract with Klara

    Customer POC: Once processed ModMed will send this person an email with instructions to get their API key and login credentials to share with Klara.

    Customer POC Email: see above

  3. Your Klara Implementation or Customer Success Manager will then submit the request to ModMed and the "Customer POC" will receive instructions for obtaining your API User ID and password.

  4. Once the API Key and password is retrieved, email your Klara CSM with the following items: API User ID and API Password,.

**See screen shots below guiding you to enabling the API for third party vendors: **

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