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This article will answer any questions you may have surrounding voicemail integration, best practices, and setup.
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What is Klara Voicemail Integration?

  • Klara’s voicemail integration records and transcribes all incoming voicemails into Klara. If the patient leaves a message from a mobile number they will receive an automated text message from Klara saying "Sorry we missed your call. For a faster response, text us here."

  • If the patient already has a profile created in Klara, and they are calling from the cell phone number that it’s connected to - their voicemail will automatically link to their profile in Klara. This means that the practice will have one ongoing thread with all of their communication with that patient

  • If the patient is new to the practice, or is calling from a different number (landline, workphone, etc.) - this will create a new profile in Klara, which can either be linked (merged) with an existing account, or used as the start of a new patient’s profile

Steps to setup voicemail integration

  1. Map Current Phone Tree and Extensions.

  2. Contact phone system provider around the adjustments that will need to be made. To communicate this correctly to your phone system provider review the following suggestions:

  • Call Forward No Answer will need to be initiated on all outlined extensions.

  • The outlined extensions will be forwarded to the Klara Phone Number for Forwarding after 6-7 rings in the office allowing staff to pick up the phone if possible.

  • The current voicemail inbox within the phone system is bypassed as the Klara forwarding number is meant to bridge the phone call into a transcribed voicemail in Klara.

Best practice recommendations

  1. Phone Tree - Establish a phone tree that meets your practices needs. This way a patient is able to select an extension based on their call purpose. With this, we have the ability to forward voicemails for each extension to a designated location in Klara. (i.e Press 1 for Scheduling, Press 2 for Clinical Questions, Press 3 for Billing...)

  2. Main Greeting - With the phone tree, you can implement a main greeting that patients hear upon dialing your number. With this, you will be able to add an additional option for patients to select if they would rather text with your practice through Klara. See further details here.

Frequently asked questions

Does Klara function as my phone system?

No. Klara is not a phone or outbound system. Patients will still call your practice phone number when needing to contact you by phone.

What type of phone system is compatible with this integration?

The phone system must be VOIP and have the ability to call forward. With the forward, the caller ID from the original phone call will need to be pulled through to experience the intended functionality.

Will I still be able to check my voicemails on my phone’s voicemail-box?

No. All of your voicemails will now come through Klara as a new message. This allows for all of your communication to stay centralized through Klara.

Can I customize my voicemail greeting?

Yes you can use the link here to record your custom greeting. This can then be uploaded to your Klara voicemail number by our support team. Please email this team at

How does the voicemail Integration work with my phone tree?

Klara can map the voicemail forwarding to your existing phone tree set up in the practice. This means that if extension 4 goes to the Nursing line, Klara can send any voicemails left on that extension over to a specific group (i.e. clinical questions, nursing group, etc.) in Klara.

Will the patient receive the automated text message "Sorry we missed your call..." if they did not leave a voicemail message?

The patient will receive the automated text message if they hang up the phone any time after the voicemail message "beep."

Please contact for any additional questions.

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