We are excited to Kick Off the Onboarding of Klara within your organization. In order to get the most out of this meeting please review the following information in preparation.

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Please come prepared with the following items:

Voicemail Integration Information:

We will help to configure your current phone tree to allow for voicemails to be transcribed and managed in Klara directly. Review the article here for further details.

  1. Outline of your current phone tree set up (extensions that patients have access to when calling your practice).

Content Management System Information:

You will be required to reach out to your website manager to provide the instructions for the implementation of the Klara website messenger. Review the article here for further details.

Patient Demographic File:

We will help your practice import a list of your patient demographics into Klara. The file will need to include the patient's First Name, Last Name, DOB, Mobile Phone Number. Please see the instructions here around pulling your patient demographic file.

If you purchased an EHR Integration with your Klara account, this step can be skipped.

EHR Integration:

**If you did not purchase an EHR Integration with your Klara account, please refer to the patient demographic file section.**

If you purchased an available EHR Integration we will need you to request your API Key from your EHR. The instructions for each are below:

  1. Nextech - Please follow this link to the instructions here that will assist you in requesting your API Key.

  2. athenahealth - Please follow the link here to request your API Key from athenahealth.

  3. EMA - Please follow the link here to request your API Key from Modernizing Medicine.

  4. Allscripts - Please follow the link here to provide the information in order to request the API Key from Allscripts.

Electronic Fillable Forms:

  1. Please provide your Customer Success Manager with blank PDF copies of your practice forms and consents that you would like to have created as fillable within Klara. Our team will build these forms for you to start.

  2. It will then be required by a staff member within your organization to maintain and manage these forms moving forward.


Klara will need your W-9 in order to properly register your practice with our third-party cloud communication platform to avoid any negative impact on your business. Without this, patient text messages run the risk of being filtered out or labeled as spam by their mobile service carriers.

Frequently asked questions

How do we join this call?

You will see a "Join With Google Meets" link within the invite that was sent to you for the kick-off call. Please use the information in that meeting invite to join the meeting. Feel free to share this information with other members of your team that will need to be present on the Kick-Off Call.

What is the purpose of this call?
This is call is meant to introduce you to your point of contact at Klara, discuss practice goals and expectations, and review the onboarding timeline.

Who should be present on this call from my organization?
The Klara Decision Maker - Most often the contract signer.
The Klara Champion and Point of Contact - Most often the operations manager.

What is the agenda for this call?
1. Introductions

2. Roles and Responsibilities
3. Practice Structure and Goals
4. Implementation Setup

5. Timeline and Next Steps

If you have questions on the above information, please reach out to your assigned Klara Customer Success Manager or reach out to support@klara.com.

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