I can't see my provider during a video visit, what should I do?

First, make sure the device that you're using has a good connection to your internet or WiFi service. 

If that doesn't work, check to make sure you have joined from a supported browser. Here they are listed again:

  • iPhone or iPad: Safari.

  • Android: Chrome.

  • Mac: Chrome. You can use a Safari, Firefox, or Edge, but Chrome is best.

  • Windows: Chrome. You can use Firefox or Edge, but Chrome is best.

You should also check that your browser has been upgraded to the latest version. You can tell if you're using the latest version by clicking here

My provider can't see or hear me, what should I do?

1) Make sure that your camera and microphone are turned on within the video visit window.

2) Check your browser settings to make sure you've enabled your browser to access your camera and microphone. You can access your settings from the address bar. Here's an example for Safari:

a) Tap the AA icon in the upper left corner of the screen located next to your video visit’s web URL. Then, tap “Website Settings”.
b) Make sure that patient.klara.com can access your camera and microphone by changing both settings to “Allow”.
c) Refresh the page.

Note for iPhone/iPad: Some users have had success by changing their camera settings to "Most Compatible." From your home screen, tap "Settings" > "Camera" > "Format" > and select "Most Compatible."

If you continue to have trouble, please contact us by using the chat bubble below or emailing support@klara.com We’ll look into the issue right away.

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