This article lists recent new features and updates that are now available in your Klara account! Want to know what's coming next? Head to "Coming Soon in Klara".

June 2021

  • [Improved] Web messenger behavior. Previously, if a patient minimized the web messenger on one tab of your website and navigated to another tab, the web messenger would re-open, causing a frustrating navigation experience. Now, if a patient minimizes the web messenger, it remains closed.

  • [New] Customized out of office message. You can now send a custom message to patients if they message you outside of your office hours.

  • [New] Send notifications in Spanish. We now support Spanish speaking patients by sending them notifications from Klara in Spanish.

  • [New] ModMed Pay integration. Modernizing Medicine customers using ModMed's "Pay" solution are now be able to integrate it with Klara. Through Klara, staff are able to:

    • Collect a patient's credit card (which is sent directly into ModMed)

    • View patient credit cards available in ModMed in Klara (only last 4 digits)

    • Charge any patient credit card right through Klara (once charged, patients will receive a message with the receipt of the charge)

May 2021

  • [New] Two-factor authentication with SMS. Teams are now be able to require staff to set up a secondary login step using the staff's phone number. Staff will be able to remember their device for 30 days at which point two-factor authentication will again be required.

  • [New] Reason rating. For team's using Klara's Reason Routing feature, some staff may be asked to review the patient's selected reason for accuracy. This will help Klara improve its accuracy when routing messages in the future.

  • [New] Review request report. Previously, teams which send automated review requests to patients had no visibility into how that feature was performing. Now, admins can pull a report in the "Reports" section in team settings to see response rates and which patients rated them "HIGHLY SATISFIED" or "NOT HIGHLY SATISFIED." Available only to integrated teams using Klara's Review Request functionality.

  • [Improved] Web messenger icon. Now, the web messenger icon is a more prominent "Message Us" button, rather than a very small icon. This will help attract more patients to using the web messenger on your website.

April 2021

  • [New] Online scheduling. Ability for existing patients to self-schedule appointments directly from the practice's website (for supported Modernizing Medicine, Nextech, and athenahealth PM systems).

  • [New] Improved broadcast. Previously, practice administrators were required to upload a CSV file of patients to send their message. While that is still possible, we realize that can be pretty cumbersome. This is why moving forward, you will be able to select patients right from Klara for your broadcast message.

    We also made some additional improvements:

    • You can now choose to send a Broadcast message as encrypted (content is hidden behind a link) or unencrypted (content is visible in the SMS). Please use the encrypted setting if your message contains PHI.

    • When you upload a CSV file of patients to broadcast, you can now preview it before sending the message to make sure you have the right patients.

    • If messages fail to send, you will receive an email with the failed entries which can now be downloaded in CSV format.

  • [New] Voicemail forward. You can now forward a voicemail directly from a patient conversation to another. No complicated merging required.

  • [New] Manage eForms page. Team administrators can now manage all of their forms in one place. On the "Manage Forms" page administrators can now create, edit, delete, and duplicate their forms. You have to be a forms editor to access this page.

  • [Improved] Voice reminders as fallback. Klara will now call patients to remind them of their appointment if the SMS reminder failed to send for any reason. This is to ensure that no patient misses their appointment. Please note: this functionality is only available for integrated teams using Klara's appointment reminder solution.

March 2021

  • [New] You can now call third-party participants into video visits. These external participants will not have access to the conversation or the patient's PHI. These external participants might be translators, guardians of patients, social workers, or others. You can call these participants directly through your video visit with just two clicks.

  • [New] We now support the Klara app for Android users. This app is available for both staff and patients. You can download the app at the Google Play store using the link here.

  • [Improved] Administrators are now able to re-send Klara activation links to staff who have not yet activated and need another email reminder. Simply click on the menu next to a non-activated staff member in the Members tab in Team Settings and click "Resend activation link."

  • [Improved] We now ask administrators to confirm the email address of staff they invite to Klara. This helps prevent accidental invites and keep your Klara team secure.

  • [Improved] A new report type called "Forms and Documents" has been added to your Reports tab in Team Settings. It allows you to see form completion rates and which patients have not yet completed their forms - with more coming soon.

  • [Improved] We added a short survey for staff and patients at the end of their video visits to help us diagnose any issue and continue to improve the quality and reliability of our Telehealth solution.

February 2021

  • [New] View and download data collected from Online Forms. You can now pull up all patient responses in a table view where you can organize and analyze data on aggregate. From more efficient data transfer to spinning up detailed reports with actionable insights—viewing form responses this way allows you to do so much more with the patient information you're already collecting.

  • [Improved] Easier for patients to opt out of message reminders. If patients do not read their Klara message, they'll receive automated reminders to read the message over the next four days. Patients have always been able to opt out of these reminders in their settings, but now they can do this more easily by simply replying "PAUSE." This will prevent them from receiving read reminders in the future.

  • [Improved] Automated form and document export to EHR for integrated teams. Administrators assign an attachment category from your EHR to a form or document in Klara. From then on, all newly completed forms and documents will be exported to the patient's chart automatically. Please note: this functionality is not yet available for teams integrated with athenahealth.

  • [Improved] Notify patients who respond to a reminder about a past appointment. If patients respond to an old appointment reminder with confirm, cancel, or reschedule, they'll automatically receive a text back: "You are responding to a past appointment. To schedule a new appointment, please message us here."

January 2021

  • [Improved] Now send voice reminders to patients who have been opted out of receiving Klara messages. Before, if practice staff opted them out of receiving Klara messages, the patient would not receive any appointment reminders (text or voice).

  • [Improved] Replace provider name with "your provider" in automated messages as a fallback if the appointment does not list a provider. Before, Klara would replace the entire message with our default reminder text.

  • [Improved] Added opt-out disclosure language to the end of SMS messages that are delivered to patients over the next few weeks. This will help us better understand carrier guidelines and their impact on message deliverability.

  • [Improved] Simplified the steps for Administrators to subscribe staff to the shared "Unassigned" inbox based on customer feedback. You can now more easily view all team members subscribed to the "Unassigned" inbox and subscribe multiple staff members at once. For teams participating in our reason and location routing pilot, this is an easier way to subscribe staff to reasons and location team by team.

Subscribing multiple members to the "Unassigned" inbox at once via "Team Settings" > "New incoming messages"

  • [Improved] Ability for patient appointment requests to be scheduled directly in the Nextech calendar. For practices using our integration with Nextech PM system, any appointment requests—via the scheduling request link or through Klara Assistant no-show engagement—will now be confirmed in the Nextech calendar automatically.

December 2020

  • [Improved] Ability to ensure provider names and other words are pronounced correctly in automated voice reminders. Reach out to with information on the phonetic pronunciation of the word and the Klara team will update this for you.

  • [Improved] Searching for a patient by phone number now returns results for all patients who have that phone number listed in their contact information, including guardians and ignored numbers.

  • [New] New and improved online forms! Forms are now more user-friendly for patients to complete and staff to create and maintain. Easily build forms that are dynamic, flexible, and mobile-friendly without needing to use cumbersome PDFs. Plus, created forms will be stored and available to apply to any template—no need to build them more than once. Visit this article to learn more!

  • [New] Video visit participants are now notified about new messages they receive while in the waiting room or during the visit. The messenger will open up automatically and (on supported browsers) a sound will notify the participant that a new message has been sent to them. Users will also see an indicator on the messenger if they have any unread messages to attend to when they enter the visit. Visit this article for more information on video visits.

  • [New] Ability to add an arrival time variable to appointment reminders or any pre-visit outreach text (for integrated EHR/PM systems). Set the arrival time to any number of minutes prior to the patient's appointment, and that time will automatically pull in to the text message. Customizable by appointment type/purpose, appointment location, and appointment provider. Reach out to us at and we'll work with you to set this up!

November 2020

  • [New] Ability to customize Klara Assistant automated outreach by provider, so your practice can send messages such as pre-visit instructions with information specific to certain providers (for integrated EHR/PM systems). Reach out to us at and we'll work with you to set this up!

  • [Improved] Ability for patient appointment requests to be booked directly in the athenahealth calendar. For practices using our integration with athenaCollector, any appointment requests—via the scheduling request link or through Klara Assistant no-show engagement—will now be booked in the athenahealth calendar automatically.

  • [New] Ability to pull reports on demand within Klara. Includes new reports on appointment reminder performance, video visits, and your organization's use of Klara features. Visit this article to learn more.

  • [New] Ability to add patients manually (if your organization has integrated Klara with your EHR/PM system). Sometimes you need to communicate with patients through Klara who aren't ready to be added to your EHR/PM system (such as patient leads). Now, you can add these patients to Klara without adding them to your EHR/PM system first.

  • [Improved] Patients will now receive an SMS notification within ~45 seconds after you send a message. Before, a notification took 1.5 minutes to send on average. Klara delayed SMS notifications so that multiple messages would only send one notification. We shortened the time of delay in favor of notifications being delivered to patients faster.

  • [Improved] Enhancements to video visits with more than two participants. Viewing every participant in the video is much easier. Plus, staff members will always see the patient in the main video frame, and the patient will always see the staff member who is speaking in the main video frame. You and patients can also pin any participant to the main screen so you see them, regardless of who's actively speaking.

  • [New] Ability to include external providers in a video visit with the patient. If you share a patient with an external provider, staff from both teams can now join a video visit from the group conversation screen (the maximum number of participants in a visit is still four). Learn more about video visits here.

  • [Improved] Klara Assistant's no-show engagement skill now supports sending an SMS message up to 350 characters. This also applies to the automation of any message templates.


October 2020

  • [Improved] Improved activation process for guardians when responding to the first message from your organization. If a guardian is not already listed in Klara, they'll be asked to provide the patient's information first, and then their own information. We're hopeful this change will result in more guardians providing identifying information correctly.

  • [Improved] Ability to customize automated responses to appointment reminder replies (confirm, cancel, reschedule), based on the appointment type or appointment purpose. This unlocks the ability to send targeted and relevant instructions to patients as an immediate response to their confirm, cancel, or reschedule reply.

  • [Improved] Ability to list appointment slots in scheduling requests based on appointment purpose in Nextech (in addition to appointment type).

  • [Improved] Redesigned web messenger to better identify guardians and new patients. The messenger will also be updated with a new look and feel. View this article for more details.

  • [Improved] Ability for Klara Assistant to send automated outreach based on appointment purpose in Nextech (in addition to appointment type).

  • [Improved]: Klara now automatically cancels the appointment in Modernizing Medicine's PM system when a patient requests to reschedule. Visit this article for more details.


September 2020

  • [Improved]: Ability for patients and guardians to more easily navigate between conversations. This includes conversations with different providers and conversations about different patients under the same provider. Also, guardians can now start a new conversation about a dependent. They'll be prompted to provide all the necessary information for that dependent.

  • [Improved]: Ability to enable Klara Assistant's automated outreach for only certain locations. Appointment reminders and other pre- and post-appointment automated outreach can now be set up for specific locations. Especially helpful for larger practices who want to roll out automation for one location at a time.

  • [Improved]: Ability for staff to direct patients to the waiting room or end the visit. If any provider or staff member is the only remaining team member in the visit with a patient, they can choose to end the visit for all participants or send the patient to the virtual waiting room before the next staff member joins.


August 2020

  • [Improved]: Prevent users from logging in to Klara from unsupported browsers. In an effort to prevent users from having a negative experience with Klara, users who attempt to access Klara from an outdated, unsupported browser will be asked to download a modern browser instead.

  • [Improved]: Improvements to the conversation and patient profile screens for a simpler, more organized Klara. These updates will make it easier to manage contact information and understand exactly who you're communicating with. Visit this article for details.

  • [Improved]: Ability to automatically add appointment cancellation requests to the cancellation queue in Nextech. Visit this article for details.

  • [Improved]: Updated message header within the conversation for inbound voicemails and SMS text messages. The new header states the phone number of the message sender and the type of message (voicemail or text).

  • [Improved]: Ability to request upload of a secondary insurance card. Team Administrators can now add a secondary insurance card upload request to any message template.

  • [Improved]: Ability for patient appointment requests to be scheduled directly in the Modernizing Medicine calendar. For practices using our integration with Modernizing Medicine PM system, any appointment requests—via the scheduling request link or through Klara Assistant no-show engagement—will now be confirmed in the ModMed calendar automatically.


July 2020

  • [Improved]: "Lists" have been renamed to the more user-friendly "Inboxes." Team members can now subscribe and unsubscribe themselves from shared inboxes. More Details: Managing Shared Inboxes.

  • [Improved]: Ability for patients to easily access the Klara messenger while they're in the video visit waiting room. Patients will have access to the Klara messenger while they're in the waiting room so they can easily message your practice if needed. You can also let them know if you're running late, or request that they complete intake before entering the video visit.

  • [Improved]: Validation to prevent guardians from accidentally entering their dependent's details. When a guardian first enters their information, Klara asks for their date of birth so we can verify their identity later, if needed. If the guardian enters a date of birth indicating they're 18 years old or younger, an error will display asking them to enter their own information on this screen.

  • [Improved]: The dates that messages were sent are now more clearly displayed when staff and patients view Klara on their mobile devices.

  • [New] Ability to message patients a link to a virtual waiting room where they can test their settings and get settled before the video visit begins. Staff will know when the patient has entered the waiting room and the visit can begin. This also allows all participants to easily test their settings before entering the video visit. Details: About Video Visits in Klara. Also, here's a 10-minute demo of our new video visit enhancements from a recent Klara product update webinar:

  • [Improved] Ability for patients and staff to connect to their rear camera during a video visit, so any participants on a mobile device can easily flip their view.

  • [Improved] Cleaner video visit history. The history of a video visit is always documented in the patient's conversation. We received feedback that there were too many items included, so we've cleaned up the history to make sure you can easily view the most important aspects of the visit. Details: About Video Visits in Klara.


June 2020

  • [New] Ability for providers and staff to share their screen and visually present test results, x-rays, educational materials, and more to the patient during a video visit.

  • [Improvement] Ability to easily exchange messages, images, and files with the patient right within the video visit. Patients can even take photos, complete document requests, and sign eForms without having to leave the visit window. Both you and the patient can click the messenger button to pull up your Klara conversation. Details: About Video Visits in Klara.

  • [New] Nextech integration: Automated outreach with Klara Assistant. Automate any routine message to inform and engage patients before and after their appointments. You can put Klara Assistant to work collecting insurance information, sending pre-visit instructions, sending post-visit follow-up, engaging with and rescheduling no-shows, and more! Details: Automated Outreach with Klara Assistant.

  • [New] Nextech integration: Send a scheduling invitation to patients on demand. Send patients an invitation to book an appointment with your practice by clicking the calendar icon and sending the patient a message in Klara. Once the patient clicks the link, they'll see available appointments pulled from your calendar in Nextech. The patient’s request will be assigned to a new “To Schedule” list where members of your team who are responsible for scheduling can pick it up. You can then schedule the patient in Nextech. Details: Send Scheduling Requests to Patients on Demand.

  • [Improvement] Automate off-hour replies—no matter how a patient contacts you. We know that your number one priority is always patient safety. That’s why we’ve added functionality to ensure patients who contact you outside of your designated office hours or while you’re in vacation mode receive an immediate message letting them know that your office is not available and to contact 911 if they’re experiencing an emergency. Patients will receive this message no matter how they contact you: via textable number, voicemail, Klara Phone Greeting, and Klara messenger. Details: Autmatically respond to patients outside of normal business hours.

  • [New] Ability for staff to delete patient messages in Klara. If a patient accidentally sends you a message and asks that it be removed, you no longer need to submit a request to our team. Whenever a message is deleted, there will be a record in the conversation showing when the message was sent and that it was deleted.

  • [Improved] Klara's EHR extension for Google Chrome has been updated! The extension allows you to work in Klara and any web-based EHR system side by side using Google Chrome. That means you can view the patient’s chart in your EHR while messaging or holding a video visit with the patient in Klara—all in one window.

    Klara customers who use Practice Fusion or EMA from Modernizing Medicine can also use the extension to quickly find and pull up the corresponding patient’s information in Klara. This update also resolves a few issues with that functionality.

  • [Improved] Lists are now more organized for Team Administrators under "Team Settings" so that "default" lists and "custom" lists are clearly delineated. All current naming conventions and workflows remained the same. If you need to rename or change the workflows for default lists in the future, please contact the Customer Support team by using the chat bubble or emailing Details: Managing Lists.

  • [Improved] Ability to route patient responses to the automated Klara phone greeting message to a specific list in Klara. This will allow staff to easily find these messages and prioritize responding to them.


May 2020


April 2020

  • [Improved] Ability to get immediately notified if a patient declines a video visit. If you've started a video visit and the patient declines to join, you'll now be notified right within the video visit window.

  • [Improved] Ability for staff to opt patients out of receiving messages from your practice. If patients request not to receive any text messages from your practice through Klara, you can opt them out right from the patient's profile. Details: How to Opt a Patient Out of Receiving Messages.

  • [Improved] Nextech integration: Schedule automated appointment reminders to send on the day the appointment is created. This can be especially useful if you’re typically scheduling patients for appointments that are over a week away. The earlier you engage with the patient to put the appointment on their calendar, the more likely you are to avoid the need to reschedule or cancel later. It's a great way to give the patient peace of mind that their requested appointment has been confirmed, without having to send a message manually. Details: About Automated Appointment Reminders.

  • [Improved] Video visit icon now available in the patient conversation using the Klara iOS app on iPhone and iPad. Tapping this icon kicks off a video visit in the Safari browser.

  • [Improved] Ability to view and adjust microphone and speaker settings right within the video visit (if using a Chrome browser). At times, you and your patients will need to check device settings during a video visit, especially if you're having trouble with the audio. Providers and patients can now confirm which speakers and microphone they're using and adjust settings if needed.


March 2020

  • [New] Perform telemedicine with real-time video visits. Video visits through Klara are a simple and seamless way to connect with your patients anytime, anywhere. This functionality is free for all existing customers during the time of the COVID-19 outbreak. Details: About Video Visits on Klara.

  • [Improved] Nextech integration: Customize appointment reminders by appointment type. You can now increase the relevance of your appointment reminders by customizing both the content and sequence of by appointment type to deliver the right message at the right time. Also, exclude certain appointment types from sending reminders. Details: About Automated Appointment Reminders.

  • [Improved] Nextech integration: Grouped reminders. Patients will now only be sent one reminder if they have multiple appointments scheduled on the same day. The reminder will display the time of the first visit in the group, so the patient knows when to arrive. When a patient confirms, all appointments associated with that reminder will be automatically confirmed in the Nextech scheduling module.

  • [Improved] eForms now automatically save patient progress. If a patient starts filling out an eForm and stops at any point, Klara will save their progress automatically, and they can pick it back up where they left off whenever they're ready.

  • [Improved] Updated notifications help your team prioritize. Email, mobile push, and Google Chrome desktop notifications now include the name of the list where the conversation is assigned. This gives your team more context so you can quickly hop on time-sensitive messages.

  • [Improved] Expanded list of staff roles to include "Care Coordinator." You can update your role under "My Account."


February 2020

  • [New] athenahealth integration: Introducing automated outreach with Klara Assistant! Klara Assistant puts routine messages on autopilot so you can focus on delivering excellent care. Deeply integrated with athenahealth, Klara Assistant comes with an initial set of skills that are customizable by appointment type, so you can send relevant messages that inform and engage your patients, automatically. Your team can put Klara Assistant to work before and after appointments collecting insurance, sending post-visit follow-up, engaging with no-shows, and more. Details: Introducing Automated Outreach with Klara Assistant.

  • [New] athenahealth integration: Send a scheduling invitation to patients on demand. Send patients an invitation to book an appointment with your practice by clicking the calendar icon and sending the patient a message in Klara. Once the patient clicks the link, they'll see available appointments pulled from your calendar in athenahealth with appointment reasons from athenaCommunicator. The patient’s request will be assigned to a new “To Schedule” list where members of your team who are responsible for scheduling can pick it up. You can then schedule the patient in athenahealth.

  • [Improved] Nextech integration: Now accept close matches to appointment reminder reactions. We know that patients don't always reply to appointment reminders with "1", "2", or "3," and that's okay! Klara can now process common replies that are close matches such as "1 confirm", "confirm", "yes" and take action accordingly.

  • [Improved] Nextech integration: Voice reminders from your practice's phone number. Just like anyone else, patients are more likely to answer the phone when they can identify where the call is coming from. Now, you can set up your voice reminders to go out to patients from your practice's phone number. Log in to your Klara administrator account and follow this link for directions. It only takes a few minutes!

  • [New] Smoother patient login experience with trusted device option. For security reasons, patients verify their date of birth before they can access a message sent by your practice. With this update, patients won't need to verify their DOB for another 30 days if they use the same device and keep "Don't ask again on this device" checked. 


January 2020

  • [New] The Klara Phone Greeting: Give patients who call your practice the convenient option to "press 1 to text." This will reduce your phone volume while offering your patients a convenient way to contact you without waiting on hold or leaving a voicemail. Details: About the Klara Phone Greeting.

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