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Getting Started with Nextech Integration
Getting Started with Nextech Integration
Ordering API and Patient history tab categories
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In this article you will find instructions on:

  1. Upgrading Nextech to version 14.3 or greater ( required )

  2. Ordering API Key from Nextech

  3. Retrieving patient history tab categories from Nextech

**How to find software version in Nextech: **

                Top Left Main Menu Help > About Nextech > V. version

1. Steps to upgrade Nextech software:

  1. Windows server must be past SQL 2008

  2. Please see Nextech Tech Specs for minimum requirements

  3. Nextech customer can reach out to support to schedule the upgrade. 

  4. Upgrade will take 1 hour for Nextech team to connect to server and complete.

  5. This needs to happen during business hours to be included in Nextech contract.

** NextechCloud upgrades are automatically pushed**

2. How to order APIs for Nextech’s Partners through the Nextech Community Portal

Sign into the Nextech Community Portal ‐

Retrieving the credentials can take up to 10 days. Please store the transaction id.

3. How to get the patient history tab categories:

Please login into your Nextech instance and browse to a patient chart. In the History tab, you will find the available categories. Please provide the categories to your Implementation Manager when asked.

4. Ensure your provider profiles are linked to usernames in Nextech:

5. The providers need to be linked to their corresponding user and then the corresponding resource needs to be linked to the provider. To set this up:

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