Completing a Document Request
See how to easily submit your photo ID or insurance card via Klara
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Klara Document Requests give you an easy, more streamlined way to submit an image of your insurance card or photo ID in a few simple steps. 

When a practice requests this information from you, you will receive a new Klara message. 

To complete the request, simply click on the message box in your timeline (below).

Select the "front" box, and choose to either upload or take a photo of the front of your card. 

Repeat this for the back of your card. 

Once the photos are in place, you can click the blue "send" button to submit this to the practice. 

The best part: If you are ever asked for a the same insurance or photo ID card again, the images will populate without you needing to upload them again! If your information has not changed, you can very easily submit this without having to go through the process a second time.

Note: In order to complete a document request, you must be logged into your Klara account by clicking on the link in the text message, or logging in at 

You are not able to send these documents to the practice as a reply to the notification text.  

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