If you have received a message from Klara either via text, email, or both, that means you already have an account set up for you!  All you need to do is create a password.

My doctor/healthcare office is on Klara. 

If so, you should have been invited via email or text to set up your account. 

If you have not received the email/text, or do not remember your credentials, please use the following link to set your password.

If you know the email address you have registered with your medical office or pharmacy, please use this link to set your password.

Please use this link with your email on file with your healthcare provider:
Set my Klara Password

I don't know if my doctor/healthcare office is on Klara.

If you stumbled upon Klara on your own, and think that Klara is a great idea (we do too) you can recommend your healthcare providers to join Klara here.

Unfortunately, if your provider is not registered first, we cannot allow you access to the platform. So get recommending!

Still unsure? You can contact us directly at support@klara.com to see if you have an account.

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