Setting up Klara + Google Messaging for your Practice: Let your patients message you! 

  1. Sign into Google My Business and look for the “Messaging” option on the Home menu
  2. Here you will input your practice’s Klara phone number for messaging (Didn't get one? Reach out to your CS rep to configure this)
  • Click “Edit number” 
  • Enter phone number
  • Click `submit 

Note: When patients send you a direct text to this number - this is a regular text message on their end, so it is important that they not send any sensitive PHI through this standard text. 

Any response from your team will be sent as a Klara message (HIPAA Secure) - and at that point the patient will be prompted to access their Klara account for a secure chat with your practice. 

For more help setting this up, you can schedule a call with our CS team here:

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