Setting Your Office Hours

Any team administrator can update these settings by taking the following steps:

1) Click on your profile dropdown and select "Team Settings."  

2) Select the "Office Hours" tab,  to access these settings. 

3) Turn on the toggle to enable the feature. From there, set up your office hours by day of the week. That's it!

What Does This Look Like to the Patient?

Every patient that sends a message outside of the set office hours will see a banner after they send their message that says "This is a confirmation that your message has been received. We'll be back on [Monday] from [9:00 AM] to [5:00 PM]." This message cannot be customized at this time.

Vacation Mode

When your office is closed for a holiday or vacation, any team administrator can enable our "Vacation Mode" feature. This allows you to set a custom message letting patients know that your office is closed, and when they can expect a response. 

Here's how to set it up:

1) When you're ready to turn "vacation mode" on, go to Team Settings > Office Hours.

2) Enable custom office hours, if they aren't enabled already. If you don't want to use these in the future and only want to use "vacation mode," simply leave them as is (with "Closed" listed for every day.

3) Toggle on "Vacation mode."

4) Customize your message to patients.

5) Click Update and you're done!

What Does This Look Like to the Patient?

If a patient messages you while vacation mode is enabled, they'll receive an automatic reply that will include the sentence "This is a confirmation that your message has been received" plus the text that you customized.

Happy Messaging!

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