Our "Assignments" interface allows for increased transparency, accountability, and efficiency when handling patient conversations. The below guide will give you a quick rundown on how to navigate Assignments.



How to manage individual conversations

Each one of your patient conversations is assigned to a certain list or team member, for accountability. Anyone who has a login to your practice's Klara account is able to view your office's current conversations, assign/reassign them as needed, and push the discussion along with the @ mention function for internal communication.

This way, each conversation can be efficiently routed to the responsible party in your office, without the risk of anything falling through the cracks.

There are 2 ways to assign conversations: 

  1. By clicking on the user or list name in the top right corner of your screen, and selecting the user you would like to assign the message to.

2. When there is no text in the message composer, you will see an "assign" button (where the send button usually is) - click here to pull up a list of users or lists where conversations can be assigned.

How to organize your workflow on Klara using My Inbox

Your Inbox contains any notifications (patient messages or internal @ mentions) that are assigned to you.

The label next to the patient's name will let you know which list the message is under. And all mentions will appear in yellow. 

To view each list individually, or to look at other lists that you are not subscribed to, you can click on the "My Inbox" dropdown: 


Unassigned List

  • Administrators can add users to be notified about these messages under your Team Settings page 
  • Unassigned List contains all the new messages from your patients to your team.
  • These are conversations that are pending and need resolution. 
  • We recommend having an administrative/front desk staff member assigned to handle these messages. 


My Inbox 

  • Contains all the patient conversations that have been assigned to an list or teammate.
  • Team Administrators Add and Remove members from a given list under the Lists tab with your Team Settings.
  • To keep things tidy, you can go into each individual open conversation, track progress, and message each other internally when things become 'overdue.'



  • Shows a list of patient conversations where you've been "@-mentioned."
  • Once you've addressed the issue, you can "Dismiss" your mention by clicking on that option to the right of the patient's name (or swiping to the right on mobile).


Closing conversations 

Once a patient conversation is resolved, you have the option to close the conversation. Closing the conversation will move it out of the Assigned or Unassigned lists above, both for you and for your entire team. You should close conversations when no further work is needed from you or your teammates.

You can review all of your team's closed conversations by clicking on that list in your Inbox.



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