If a patient is under the age of 18, you can add a guardian to communicate with about the patient. Once a guardian is setup in Klara, all messages about the patient will be sent to the guardian. 

Add a patient with a guardian

Take the following steps:

1) Add the patient into Klara with the dependent's information. Leave the cell phone number field blank.

2) Click on the patient's name and click over to the "Guardian" tab. Add the guardian's mobile phone number. If the guardian is not already listed in Klara, you'll see a note that they're "Pending activation."

3) The guardian will receive a text inviting them to communicate with your practice. When they click the link, they'll be asked to take the following steps:

  • Enter their own (the guardian's) DOB
  • Enter the dependent patient's DOB

If the guardian enters the patient's DOB as the practice has listed it in Klara, then they will be brought to the conversation! 

The dependent patient's DOB must match what is listed in Klara. If it doesn't match, they will not be asked again to confirm the patient's information. If they try again and the information still isn't matching, the patient will see a message letting them know that they couldn't get through.

You will be notified with the following message so you can troubleshoot with the patient:


If a guardian is having trouble accessing Klara, we recommend that you first check the patient's account in Klara to make sure the following has been set up correctly:

a) The guardian's cell phone number is listed on the guardian side (not the patient side under "Contact information"):

b) The patient's DOB is listed on the patient side, and the guardian's DOB is listed on
the guardian side.

This is important as we recently added a security measure where the Klara system is looking to match phone numbers to the correct DOBs. If the guardian's phone number or DOB is listed on the patient side, there will be a verification issue.

Additional notes:

  • For security purposes, guardians will need to reverify their dependent patient's DOB every 30 days.
  • For voicemail integration users: For security purposes, if a guardian calls about a patient from the guardian's cell phone number, the voicemail transcription will come through as attached to the guardian's record or unattached to any record, if the guardian does not have their own record in Klara. If it comes through as unattached, you can merge the transcription over to the patient's record.
  • Multiple guardians can have access to a single patient.
  • The same guardian can be added to multiple patients.


 Contact support@klara.com with any additional questions.

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