How does the website widget work exactly?
This new website widget is hosted on the side of your website, prompting visitors with an appealing way to get in touch with your office. This feature is proven to increase the engagement of website visitors with your staff. Visitors (existing or new patients) can send messages by providing a simple contact number. From there, the chat will be recorded in Klara.

Does the conversation go to the same place as our regular Klara messages?
Yes, we are centralizing your communication. The conversation that is conducted via widget appears in the "unassigned" section of your conversations.

Can I edit the default response?
Yes, we provide fully editable response templates on our widget activation page found here: widget.klara.com

How will this impact my practice?
This new website chat enablement will streamline the process of getting new patients into the system. Additionally, you are able to better capture the traffic from your website. Prospective patients will be automatically engaged with your practice via the easy-to-use chat hosted on your website.

I have an existing Klara-enabled contact form on my website, do I need this?
Yes, our customer success consultants will help you swap out the old code for this new widget. We are replacing the existing contact form with a much more engaging and automated feature. The existing forms will expire June 1st, 2017.

How do I get the website widget? 

You can follow the instructions here (link to widget instructions article) or visit widget.klara.com to get started.

Have more questions?
Contact your Klara Success Consultant or support@klara.com for more information.

Happy Messaging!

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