Step 1. Log in to Klara and then head over to

Step 2. Use the default welcome message or customize with your own welcome response and click "Save".

Step 3. Select and copy the code provided in the window. If you are relying on your website manager or agency to make the change you can easily click the "SEND EMAIL" button and it will launch your email client with a draft that includes both code and setup instructions. 

Step 4. Paste the code in the Footer section of your website.

IMPORTANT! Always put your code in the <footer> section of your website.
Putting it elsewhere can have a negative impact on your sites performance and overall user experience. If for some reason you cannot put the code in your footer reach out to your implementation specialist for help. We will be glad to assist you.  

How to find where you can put code into the footer on popular content management systems:

If you do not see your CMS on this list and are unable to find where to put code into your <footer> tag, please reach out to your implementation specialist. 

Step 5. Your website messenger is ready to go

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