Q: If we choose to customize the appointment reminder text, can we add variables to personalize the message?

A: Yes! Below are the variables we support when customizing the appointment reminder message: 

  • Appointment Start Time 
  • Appointment Date 
  • Appointment Type Name 
  • Appointment Location Name 
  • Appointment Location Address
  • Appointment Provider Name
  • Appointment Team Name

Here's an example where the appointment reminder took advantage of the "Appointment Provider Name" variable:

Just remember that this message goes through as an SMS Message, so it should be limited to only the essential information.

Q: If we choose to customize the appointment reminder message, is there a character limit to what the text can say?

A: There is no character limit, however, keep in mind that messages over 160 characters will be broken into multiple SMS Messages. 

Q: Can we customize appointment reminders to only send for specific appointment types? Can we customize the text for only certain appointment types?

A: Not at this time.

Q: When the patient reacts to the reminder message, does the reaction automatically populate in Nextech?

A: Appointment confirmations will be automatically marked as "confirmed" in the EHR. Appointment cancellations or reschedules will be surfaced to the appropriate list in Klara for the staff to respond to and change in Nextech manually.

Q: Are we able to send reminder messages to the patient in the primary language listed in the EHR?

A: All appointment reminders are in English only at this time.

Q: What if a patient receives an appointment reminder and they have never logged into Klara yet? 

A: The patient can respond to the reminder through SMS Message. They do not need to go into Klara to respond. The practice will then get the response and can see the linked patient by clicking on the patient banner and reviewing the patient's profile. 

Q: What if the patient responds to an appointment reminder with text other than "1", "2", or "3"?
That's okay! Klara recognizes most phrases that patients use other than "1", "2", "3". For example, if a patient responds "confirm", "1", "yes", "ok", and more, the appointment will be confirmed. If Klara cannot detect what the patient is saying (for example, "hmmm i don't know" in the example below), it will consider the message like any other incoming message route it into the "Unassigned" list in Klara for your team to take a look at. The patient will receive an automated response that says: "Thank you for your response. Your message has been forwarded to our team."

Note: Let our team know if patients are consistently responding with text that you think Klara should be recognizing as a confirmation, reschedule, or cancellation. We'll consider adding it to our list if it makes sense for most practices!

Q: If a patient doesn't respond to the appointment reminder, will Klara automatically send them a follow up like it does with other unread messages?

A: Yes! After the original reminder is sent, Klara will automatically send a follow up the next day asking the patient to respond. Follow ups will continue for three days in a row. 

Q: Can same day appointment reminders be set up? 

A: Yes.

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