Monthly Training Webinars:


1. What are some best practice recommendations that will help decrease work for staff and increase patient engagement? 

  • Centralize all your communication with patients through Klara by eliminating other avenues such as email, voicemail, etc. This allows for quicker response times!
  • Introduce / reinforce Klara with every patient interaction. 
  • For Example: When the patient is on the phone or in the office having a conversation around Klara and sending them a message if they have not yet used Klara. 
  • Klara can also help you with a script and best options on when and how to introduce and bring Klara up in every conversation as you are transitioning. 
  • Utilize templates to accelerate communication with patients. The “ Acknowledge Message Receipt” Template can be used to ensure the patient understands the message was received while allowing for the correct staff member to respond to the message. 

2. Can you view everyone's list within Klara? 

  • Yes, we keep this option available so that if other staff members are off you have access to their patient messages. This helps you make sure that all patients are getting a response while holding people accountable. 

3. How do I turn off notifications? 

  • To turn off email notifications you will want to select the bell icon in the upper right hand corner. 

4. Can you change the auto response that Klara sends to patients after they call in? 

  • Not right now. However, this is something that our product team is working on for future advancements. 

5. What is a list in Klara? 

  • A list is meant to help bulk similar staff members by roles into a group. This helps to mirror your existing  workflows as far as message ownership and assigning in Klara. 

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