If you've subscribed to Klara's Weekly Performance reports, you should receive them every Monday morning. Below is a detailed explanation of the data in the report.

Klara's performance report consists of two sections:

  • Team: An overview of how your team is performing on Klara
  • Patients: An overview of your patient engagement on Klara

See below for details on the charts in each section.


Staff Leaderboard (Last 30 Days)

See your top Klara performers.

This table presents a ranking of all your staff members on Klara, ranked by how active they were on the platform (# of messages sent) in the last 30 days. Both messages to patients and to staff (internal notes) are included in this count. To the right, you will also see how many days the staff were active on Klara.

Staff Adoption (All Time)

Make sure that your user accounts are activated.

The top bar shows how many users have Klara accounts on your team. The middle bar displays how many of those have activated their accounts. The bottom bar shows how many of those have sent at least one message.

Number of Active Staff (All Time)

See how your Klara adoption is growing over time as you adopt the platform.

This chart shows the number of staff that are active on Klara (sent at least one message) per month. 

Non-Activated Staff (All Time)

Encourage your staff to active their accounts.

The table above contains a list of all staff who have never activated their Klara account, along with how many days have passed since they were invited to Klara.

Inactive Staff (Last 30 Days)

Make sure that only active staff have access to Klara.

The table above contains a list of all staff who have not sent a message on Klara in the last 30 days. If you see any staff who are no longer part of your team, please make sure to disable their accounts.

Avg. Response Time (in minutes) by Staff (Last 7 Days)

Ensure patient satisfaction by maintaining high responsiveness.

The first column contains all staff members who've responded to patients over the last 7 days. Each following column shows a date on which patients have sent messages, how many messages each staff responded to, and the average (mean) response time in minutes. For example, the table above shows that on 2019-09-01, patients have sent 125 messages, to which "Staff 1" responded in 275 minutes on average. Response rates under 1 hour are highlighted in green, rates between 1-3 hours are yellow, and rates exceeding 3 hours are red.

Messages by Type (All Time)

See your overall utilization on Klara.

This charts illustrates all messages being sent and received on Klara in the following categories:

  • Staff Message to Patients: Messages staff send to patients
  • Staff Internal Note: Notes staff leave internally for other staff
  • Patient Message on Klara: Messages patients send to staff through Klara
  • Patient Message on Website: Messages patients send through the web messenger on your website
  • Patient SMS: Messages patients write to you directly via SMS
  • Voicemail: Voicemails left for you on Klara
  • Broadcast: Mass messages that went out to patients

Templates Sent (Last 30 Days)

Make sure that the templates you've set up are being utilized.

Templates save time so staff doesn't have to re-write common messages every time. This table shows how often each templates was used in the last 30 days to help you understand which templates are being utilized.


Website Patients (All Time)

Ensure that your web messenger effectively captures patients.

In green, the chart shows all existing patients who come back to your website to communicate with you on Klara. In blue, the chart shows all new patients who communicate with you for the first time through your website. New patients are patients who have registered on Klara for the first time that month.

Median Patient Satisfaction Score (All Time)

See how Klara impacts your patient satisfaction.

From time to time, we ask patients how likely they are to recommend their texting experience with you to others (0 "not likely" to 10 "very likely"). The median score is calculated each month to help you understand how patients perceive their Klara experience.

Patient Read Rate (All Time)

See how engaged your patients are on Klara.

The chart above displays what % of the patients you have contacted on Klara opened Klara to read the message. Klara has an average read rate far higher than most healthcare communication platforms (85%).

Active Patients (All Time)

Monitor the growth of your patient adoption on Klara.

The chart above shows the number of active patients — patients who have sent at least one message — per month. As you get started on Klara, monitor this metric to help ensure that a high percentage of your patients are aware of Klara. 

Questions or feedback?

This report is designed to help provide you with visibility into your Klara performance. If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the blue icon in the bottom right or at support@klara.com.

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