Adding a Patient

Follow the steps below if you need to add a new patient to Klara in order to begin messaging. 

 a. Select the + to add a patient

b. Search for the patient you are looking to add.

c. Select import to pull the demographics into Klara from Nextech and begin messaging.

d. The import button will be greyed out if the patient already exists in Klara.

Updating patient demographics

Follow the steps below if a patient’s Klara account profile needs to be updated.

a. Select the patient’s profile in Klara.

b. Select “Update From EHR” to sync the updated demographics from the patient’s Nextech account profile. 

c. Select “Unlink” if the patient account profile in Klara does not belong to the account profile in Nextech. 

Linking Patient

Follow the steps below if the patient is not linked to their Nextech account profile. 

a. Search for the patient and select “Link” to search for the patients account profile in Nextech. 

b. You will then be prompted to search for the appropriate Nextech account profile.

** Ensure the patient demographic identifiers (DOB,  phone number) match before proceeding with the link 

Messaging Export

Follow the steps below to export a patient conversation into Nextech. 

a. Select the patient conversation you want to export in Nextech and select “Export”.

b. Select the messages for export.

c. If a message had been previously exported it will be highlighted in green.

d. After the messages have been selected select  “Preview export”.

e. The note is editable if necessary prior to the official export. Select “Export”. 

File Export

Follow the steps below to export a file into Nextech. (image, eForm, etc.) 

a. Locate the patient conversation including the image. Select the downward arrow next to the uploaded image. 

b. Choose the correct classification for the file. This is where you will locate the file within Nextech.

c. Select “Export” to save the files within the associated classification in Nextech.

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