Patient Demographic Sync

Q: Does the integration automatically sync patients?
Yes, every hour there will be an automatic sync of new patients as well as existing patients (account updates as needed). 

Q: With the sync, will Klara recognize a mobile phone number that is documented in the home phone number field?
Yes, we the sync will check the home phone number field for a textable number as we are aware there are multiple fields. 

Q: Can I add a patient into Klara and expect to see them in Nextech?
No, Nextech will always be the original source of all patient demographic information (adding, updating, deleting). 

Q: What if I need a recently added patient in Klara between the hour sync timeframe?
You can easily import the patient from Nextech by searching for the patient and selecting the “Import” button. 

Q: What if the patient’s demographic information is incorrect in Klara and I need to change it?
The changes should be made to the demographic profile in Nextech. You can then go into the profile within Klara and select “Update from EHR” to sync the changes, or simply wait for the change to sync automatically within the hour. 

Q: What do I do if I receive the message “The patient is not linked to an EHR record” when searching for a patient?
Select “Link” — this will direct you to a list of patients. You can then choose the right patient and link appropriately. 

Q: A patient has a phone number in Nextech, but in Klara the phone number is missing. Why is that?
This could be due to a few reasons.:

  • The phone number in Nextech is a landline. (You can check this by entering the phone number into this site: In this case, you should change the phone number listed in Nextech to a cell phone number.
  • The phone number in Nextech may already be associated with another patient in Klara. In this case, you can merge the patients in Klara if they are duplicates, or remove the phone number from the other patient's profile in Nextech.

Patient Message Export

Q: Can we automatically have all messages export into Nextech?
Not at this time, we allow the practice to decide what should be exported based on the importance of the message being part of the medical record.

Q: Where do the exported messages go in Nextech?
They will be imported into the Notes section within the patient’s chart. 

Q: What if I make a mistake when exporting and need to delete the messages?
You will need to delete the messages directly in Nextech.

Q: Where do the exported files go in Nextech?
They will be imported into the files section in Nextech.  

Q: Can we control and change the classifications of files?
Yes, we can help to tailor the classifications for file export to the practice’s preference. Please contact your Implementation Manager for assistance. 

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