Patient failed birth date verification and isn’t able to login. Patient tried MM/DD/YYY. Please verify if this birthdate is correct and only then update the patient’s detail. 

  • This message indicates that when the patient first logged into their account, or was asked to verify their date of birth after 30 days, they put in a different date of birth than the one you have for them in Klara. In these cases, your team can follow the instructions HERE (link to updating DOB article) to update the patient’s date of birth as indicated. 

Patient did not respond to request to update phone number

  • If someone at the practice attempts to update the patient’s phone number, the patient has 3 days to verify their new number. If they fail to do so within 3 days, you will see this system message. 

Patient updated their phone number from [old phone number] to [new_phone_number]. 

  • This message is to inform you that the patient has updated their phone number. 

Reminded patient to read message

  • If the patient does not open a message from your practice, they will be reminded about this message for the following 3 days. 

Patient is not responding to reminders. We will no longer remind them about above messages. 

  • This indicates that the patient did not open a message from you after their 3 reminders. Note: This message will result in a notification to your team. 

[Staff member] merged Patient X with this patient.

  • This indicates that another patient profile (which could also be a voicemail), was merged with this patient profile. 
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