Updating existing patient phone numbers 

  • Once the patient has verified their phone number, they control their own account. That means that if you want to update the phone number of an existing patient, you’ll need to request an update from them via Klara, and Klara will ask the patient to confirm this update before changing their phone number.
  • The patient then has 3 days to update their phone number. If the patient doesn’t update their phone number within 3 days, your team will be notified via a message from Klara in the patient conversation, indicating the phone number was not updated.
  • Note: you will still be able to immediately update phone numbers for patients who have not yet logged into Klara. 

Voicemail integration: Merging patient accounts

  • As part of this change, you will not be able to merge two patient profiles with different cell phone numbers attached. You can still merge voicemails from a landline into a patient’s profile, but in the rare case that a patient calls from a different cell phone number, or has two unique cell phone numbers, you will need to contact our support team for help.

Patient login: 

  • When a new patient logs into Klara, they will be asked to confirm the date of birth you have on file in Klara. If the date of birth is incorrect, the patient will select their correct date of birth and Klara will notify you of this change within the patient conversation. You can then verify the date of birth with them, and then update the date of birth on the patient’s behalf.
  • Existing patients will be asked to verify their date of birth every 30 days. In the rare case that they enter a different date of birth, you will be notified that the patient failed their date of birth verification, and you will need to contact our support team to update this information. (Note: This scenario is unlikely, as the patient will have already used Klara previously.) 
  • Keep in mind, you will only be notified in the case the patient enters a different date of birth from the one you had on file. As with the phone number updates, these notifications will appear as a new message in your team’s inbox. By clicking into the patient conversation, you’ll see the message from Klara indicating that the patient updated their date of birth (in the first scenario) or failed their date of birth verification (in the second scenario).

Creating patients (manually or via import)

  • When you add new patients, either manually or via a bulk import, all patient profiles will be created, even if they do not contain a cell phone number. This is to ensure that all patients are given Klara profiles for your team to use when communicating internally about a patient — even if the patient does not have a valid cell phone number on file. 
  • This means you may see fewer failures after the CSV imports. However, if your team is adding mobile numbers after import, you may see more duplicate patient accounts. You can always contact our support team for guidance on how to reduce or eliminate these duplicates.
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