With the Klara EHR Chrome extension, you don’t have to switch between multiple screens to update patient information in your EHR. Now you can easily use both systems side by side.

Supported EHRs:

• Practice Fusion
• Modernizing Medicine (EMA) - in pilot phase
Additional EHRs coming soon!

How to Install the Extension: 

To begin, you can install the extension using this link

Once installed, you can log in to your EHR account in Google Chrome, and click on the blue Klara logo in the top right corner of the browser. 

From here, you can log in to your Klara account, in order to view patients side by side in both your EHR and Klara. 

How to Use the Extension:

Simply pull up any patient chart in your EHR, and Klara will give you the option to find the given patient in Klara. 

In the case of an existing patient (one who already has a profile created in your team's Klara account), clicking on the "Find in Klara"  button will pull up their profile  

In the case of a new patient (one who does not yet have a profile created in Klara), clicking on the "Find in Klara" button will give you the option to create a new profile for this patient as shown below: 

For any further questions about how to use this feature, feel free to contact our support team below! 

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