Add a Document Request (for an insurance card, driver's license, etc.) to any template, to give staff an easier way to collect this information and patients an easier way to submit it. 

Creating a Document Request Template:  

  1. Navigate to the Team Settings page by clicking on your profile logo in the top right corner, and selecting "Team Settings"
  2. Click on the "Templates" tab, and select "Add a new template"
  3. Beneath the template composer, you will see three icons. Click on the right-most icon — of a piece of paper with an arrow — to add your Document Request
  4. Select either ID card or Primary Insurance from this list
  5. Type any message in the template message composer, to be sent to the patient along with your document request 
  6. Then save this message to create the template, which can be used by any staff member along with the rest of your team's templates

Sending a Document Request to a Patient:

  1. Within any patient's conversation, select the piece of paper icon beneath the message composer
  2. Choose the appropriate template from this list, and send it to the patient
  3. Once this is sent, you will see the request as "pending" until the patient submits the requested information (See here for more information on how this looks from the patient's side)
  4. As soon as the patient submits their information, this will come back to your practice as a new message
  5. From there, you can easily view and download the patient's insurance or ID card (to be added into the EMR as needed). 

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