Klara has made it easy for you to fill out and sign forms from your doctor's office without having to print, scan, or fax - or arrive at your appointment early.

  1. When you receive a form from your doctor's office, you will get a new Klara message that looks like this: 

2. To complete the form, click on the attachment (the box with the icon), and you will be brought to the form. 

3. Click into any text field, and type out your information (as shown above).

Note: for some longer forms, it might be easier to fill out from your computer, rather than your cell phone. You can always access your account from patient.klara.com to complete your form from a desktop. 

4. Once you've filled out all of the required fields, submit the form by clicking "Continue."

Well done! The practice will receive a confirmation that you've completed the form.

If you don't fill out the form in one sitting, that's OK! Klara will automatically save your progress and you can pick it back up where you left off when you're ready.

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