You can now attach fillable eForms to any template within Klara, to facilitate a smoother experience for both patients and staff to collect forms and signatures online. 

Here is a complete tutorial of the process, or, see below for the step by step instructions.

Follow the steps below to see how to create and send eForms: 

Attaching an eForm: 

  1. Navigate to the Team Settings page by clicking on your profile logo in the top right corner, and selecting "Team Settings"
  2. Click on the "Templates" tab, and select "Add a new template"
  3. Beneath the template composer, you will see two icons. Click on the icon of a piece of paper to add an eForm
  4. Here you will have the option to convert your own eForm, or opt to have the Klara team convert your form for you (Note: there is a fee of $200 per form if you choose to have Klara convert your forms for you)

Converting your form to a fillable eForm:

  1. Select the appropriate form from your computer (We support PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG, PNG, and more). 

(Note: We strongly encourage users to use PDF forms, as the form fields will automatically populate, which will help save you time with converting them to a fillable form). 

  1. The selected form will display on your screen. To make it fillable, you will need to add the appropriate fields onto the form
  2. The types of fields we support are the following: Textbox, Checkbox, Initials, Signature, and Date Signed. 
  3. To add the necessary field, you will select that field type from the header, and simply click into your form to create that field. 
  4. Note: When you add a field to your form, you want to make sure to designate the following: 
  • Who should fill this out? "Me" or "The Patient" (Note: Most fields should be designated to be filled out by the patient, unless you plan on filling it out in the moment you are creating the form).
  • Is this field Required?  Use the checkbox in the menu to indicate whether this field will be a requirement for the patient to be filled out. 
  • [Checkboxes Only] How many checkboxes can the patient select? In the case where you are providing the patient with two options, and you need them to select only one. You can indicate this by dragging your cursor over 

  6. Once all of your fields have been created, click "Continue," and label          your form. Note: this name will be visible by patients.

Creating your Template in Klara: 

  1. Back in Klara, you can simply hit "Save" to create this template + eForm - which can then be used by any staff member the same way they would send out a template normally

Receiving Completed eForms from Patients: 

  1. Once you have sent your eForm to a patient, they can fill this out from any desktop or mobile device (See here for more on what that looks like for the patient).
  2. When the patient completes their eForm, your practice will receive this the same way you receive any other new message.
  3. If you click on the form, you can download it, save it as a PDF, and upload it into your EMR in just a few clicks.

Feel free to reach out to our team for any additional questions on how to get set up with eForms!

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