Note: Klara has a powerful integration with Nextech — which means no more pulling patient lists manually! 

To find out how you can get automatic patient sync, seamless message and file export, and automated appointment reminders through our integration with Nextech, email us at

Part 1:

  1. In Nextech, select "Letters"
  2. Then click on "Person Based Merging"
  3. Then on the right side of the screen, create a new "Klara Patient Export" template by choosing "New Blank Template"
  4. When Microsoft Word opens, go to Mailings -> Insert Merge Fields and choose the following options: 
  5. «Person_First_Name»«Person_Last_Name»«Person_Home_Phone»«Person_Mobile_Phone»«Person_Birth_Date»«Next Record»
  6. Save the template to the Nextech server located on your computer
  7. Back in Nextech, select “Person Based Merging"
  8. Based on “Patients and Prospects" 
  9. Select “New” and enter a name for filter like "Klara Patient Export"
  10. Apply the following filters: 
  1. “Has Appointment” and select criteria (the pt database you want to query) 
  2. “Person_First_Name”
  3. "Person_Last_Name”
  4. “Person_Birth_Date”
  5. “Person_Mobile_Phone”
  6. Select "Ok"

Part 2:

  1. Move the list of filtered patients over to the "Merge to Group" column using the double right arrow key
  2. Under "Merge to a Template" (on the right side of the screen) make sure you check "Do not attach to patient's history" and "Export as CSV"
  3. Click "Label"
  4. The file will think for a minute and then open as a text file
  5. Click "File" -> "Save as" -> Name the file as KlaraPatientExport.csv -> click "Save as Type" -> then click "All Files"

Now, upload it to Klara following
these steps

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