1. Click the Administration module. The application opens the Practice tab.
  2. Click the Patient Data Export link. CareTracker launches the Patient Data Export Options application.
  3. In the Export Format field, select the CSV format for the exported data.
  4. By default, Current Patient is selected, which will only export data for the patient currently in context.
  5. To limit patient data to export or to export all patients' data, select Selection. CareTracker displays a list of filters that allow you to customize the data to export.
  6. When all needed filters are set click the Generate Data button. A pop-up message displays when the Generate Data button is clicked telling you "Request has been sent to the Message Queue.."  Click on the OK button and you are returned to the Patient Data Export Options screen.
  7. The Queue application processes the data for export.  Depending on amount of data you've selected of export will determine how long it takes CareTracker to generate the data.   To see how the data is processing, click on the Check Queue button.  
  8. Click on the View Saved Files button to open up your patient data export file when it's complete
  9. Open the file, and confirm that the headers aligns with the ones described here
  10. Save as a CSV

Now, upload it to Klara following
these steps

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