1. Go to Reports
  2. Click on "Patient Info Excel Export" 

3. Input date range, and check off other necessary boxes (Include inactive patients, and inactive insurance) **Note: Date range will not allow you go to go into the future, so be sure when you do this weekly, you go back the previous week as well to capture any missed from the previous report**

4. Click on the symbol below

5. Then, click on this symbol (below) to export the report 

6. Change the format to CSV (separated values) 

7. Click OK several times in the window

8. Save the file on your computer

9. Open the file (in Excel).

10. Click on "Data" --> Select "Remove duplicates" --> In the pop-up, choose columns O (last name), P (first name) and X (birth date).

11. Delete Columns A through N -- So that LAST NAME becomes column A (To delete: Select Columns A-N, right click and choose "Delete columns")

12. Right click on ROW 1 and select "Insert" (Creating a row above this one)

13. You ONLY need to label the columns for FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, and CELL PHONE

  14. Go to File --> Save As --> Save as type CSV

Now, upload it to Klara following these steps

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