Merging a duplicate patient account is easy. You can do this by going to the patient profile of the patient that you want to be merged. Clicking on the floating “merge patient” button in the left corner of the screen. 

On the next screen you'll be asked to provide the ID of the patient that will be kept. 

Please note: Merging both patients will transfer all conversations, messages, associations with guardians and dependents, and missing profile information to the patient to be kept. This can’t be reversed and should be used carefully.

You can also use this feature to link a voicemail to the correct patient's account (if they call from a landline, or any number other than the patient's cell phone number tied to their account). 

You can use the same button indicated above, or feel free to use the easy "merge patient" button that appears within the thread as shown below: 

Merging limitations:

Patients with different phone numbers

It is not possible to merge two patients with different cell phone numbers.

In these cases, you will need to delete one of the cell phone numbers first You can do that by clicking into that patient’s profile, clicking on the header with the patient’s name, deleting the cell phone number in the phone number field, and clicking update. After doing this, you will be able to merge this patient into the correct patient profile. 

Patients shared with other teams

It is not possible to merge two patients who have shared conversations with other teams on Klara. If you would like to merge these patients, please contact

Patients connected with an EHR record

It is not possible to merge two patients when the "Patient to Be Merged" is connected with an EHR record. Please unlink and re-link the patients in Klara (see instructions here) to the appropriate EHR record before merging.

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