Broadcast is included for absolutely free if you already have a paying Klara subscription. If you do not currently have a subscription, but would like to enable this feature, please contact

Follow the simple steps below to make sending appointment reminders a breeze.

1. Download a file of upcoming patient appointments from your scheduling system. The file should be a CSV file in table format. You will need to have at minimum the following columns: patient’s mobile phone number, patients name, and if using for reminders, appointment date, and appointment time. 

2. In addition, you can have as many other variables as you want such as: appointment location, doctor's name etc. to be part of your message.

3. Once your CSV file has been created, simply navigate to During your first visit, you will have to “Authorize” the broadcast feature. Then, simply click on “Select” to choose and upload your file.

4. Now it’s time to create your customized reminder announcement! In the textbox, write your reminder message. It could be as simple as "Please confirm your appointment on [Appointment Date] at [Appointment Time] by clicking on the link." 

To insert the variables for appointment date and appointment time, simply click on the appropriate variable above the textbox, navigate to the textbox, and paste the variable where appropriate. Super easy! 

Even better - Klara will save your most recent broadcast (which will appear in the textbox), and we'll save the previous 5 unique messages which can be accessed under your broadcast history. No more typing the same message over and over!

5. After your message has been created, just click on the “Send Message to Patients” button at the bottom of the screen. You will then receive a confirmation email with the number of people that were reminded. Patients will then be able to click on the link, and respond to the reminder just like any other Klara message. Here's an example:


  • The reminder will be sent as an unsecured text. Please DO NOT include any PHI in the reminder message. You can use Klara broadcast to send other types of reminders as well, as long as they do not contain PHI.
  • You can only use Klara Broadcast with patients who are already in your Klara account. Make sure to add them into Klara first (as you usually do to add patients), before sending them a Klara Broadcast reminder.

Watch this video to see it in action...

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