Note: If you're interested in using Broadcast and do not have it set up in Klara today, please contact and we'll help you get started!

With Broadcast, you can send a single message to a group patients at once (for example, to let them know that your practice is unexpectedly closing for inclement weather or that their physician is out sick and won't be able to see them). This is much easier than picking up the phone and calling every patient on the schedule for that day.

Whatever your message may be, here's how you can send it out:

1. Think about the message that you want to send and if you want to include any patient variables. For example, you may want to include the patient's first name to make the message personal.

2. Download a CSV file of patients from your EMR or Practice Management system. Make sure it includes at least the patient’s mobile phone number. If you decided that the message should include any other variables (such as patient's first name), make sure your download includes that information as well.

3. Review the CSV file. If you're confident that these patients are all listed in Klara already, then you do not need to import them into Klara. If you're not sure, you should import the patients into Klara first. Note: You'll need the patient's first name, last name, and DOB in addition to the phone number to perform an import.

4. Once you're confident all the patients in the CSV file that you downloaded from your EMR or PM system are already listed in Klara, review the file to make sure that the column header for the patient's phone number is titled "Phone Number". 

5. Sign into Klara and click Broadcast on the bottom left of your screen. If using Broadcast for the first time, you'll need to authorize the feature. Once you've done that, click Select and choose the CSV file you've been working with. Click Upload File.

6. Now it’s time to create your customized announcement! In the textbox, write your message. To insert any variables, click on the appropriate variable above the textbox. That will automatically copy it to your clipboard. You can then paste it to the area of your message where you'd like it to appear. As you're writing your message, you'll see a preview so you can make sure that the variables are pulling through correctly.

Tip: Your most recent Broadcast message will appear in the textbox automatically so it's ready to go next time. The last five Broadcast messages you sent will also be available under the Broadcast history.

7. After your message has been created, click Send Message to xx Patients button. The message will go out immediately and patients will receive it as an SMS text. You'll receive a confirmation email with the number of patients who were sent the message. Patients can respond to the message through SMS, or by clicking the link and responding through Klara.

You'll also see that the message will be listed in your Klara conversation with that patient.

Important Notes

  • The message will be sent as an SMS text, it will not be secured. Please be careful with the information that you include, and absolutely do not include any PHI in the message.
  • You should not send a Broadcast message to guardians. This will result in issues if the guardian responds to the message (that response will link to the guardian's account instead of the child's).
  • Please send Broadcast messages to the same patients sparingly. If your patients receive to many mass messages from you (especially about discounts or other offers), they may reply "STOP." In that case, you won't be able to message them, even one-on-one, until they text back "START".
  • Broadcast messages are only for patients in your practice. You should not send any Broadcast messages to individuals who are not patients of your practice.

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