Message templates within Klara save you time. To avoid having to repeatedly type or copy and paste your favorite messages, you can create templates for all sorts of administrative and medical topics.

Each Klara account comes with a set of default templates, but we highly recommend that you create your own templates to suit your Team's unique communication needs. 

Team administrators can customize these templates form the "Team Settings" Screen in their user settings.

You can easily create, edit, and delete your own templates within Klara. Simply click on the templates tab to make edits for your entire team.

Adding Attachments to Templates

You can easily add attachments to templates (like medication guidelines, new patient forms, etc) to ensure that all team members have quick, easy access to these files, regardless of what device they are on. 

Adding Fillable eForms to Templates

You can also attach electronic, fillable forms to a Klara template to eliminate the extra steps of printing, faxing, and scanning paper forms with patients. 

To do this, click on the "Add an eForm" button beneath the template composer, and select the form you would like to add.
(Note: We support many file types including PDF, JPEG, PNG, and more).  

Once you select the form, you can create the fillable fields (See here for more.) 

After the fields have been created, add the name of the form, and save the template. The form can now be used by any staff members on your team. 

Adding Document Requests to templates

In addition to attachments and fillable forms, you can add requests for specific patient documents within any of your templates. To do this, just click on the “Add a document request” icon beneath the template composer, and select the type of document you need from the patient (Photo ID or Primary Insurance). 

Once added, you can customize any text you’d like to send with the request, and then hit save. This template will now be available for all team members to use, just like the rest of your team’s templates! See here for more detail on how to set this up.

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