Need to add someone on an external team to a patient conversation (Like a Pharmacy, Lab, or Specialist)? You can create a separate, private conversation with anyone external by clicking the "New Conversation" button on the left side of the patient chat. 

Simply type the name of the team into the search bar below (Note: If they do not show up, you can easily add them by clicking that option within Klara!).

Once you have started the conversation, you can view both your private chat (between just your practice and the patient) and the group chat (between any other teams + your practice + the patient), in the sidebar of the conversation.

Thousands of other medical practices, labs, and pharmacies are currently using Klara - you have the ability to connect with all of them.

This gives both your practice and the external providers access to a patient conversation, so you can jointly message the patient, plus internally message each other.

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