1. Click on “Billing/Statement Reports”
  2. Click on “Data Export”
  3. On the left hand side select “Patient Data” as the export type
  4. From the filter menu select “Patient First Name” and select “Present” as the criteria, then click “Add”. 
  5. Repeat for “Patient Last Name”, “Patient Phone Number”, and “Patient Birth Date”.
  6. Click “Save” (this will save the custom filter for future use. Save this report filter on the computer. To access the saved filter in the future, click “Load” on the “Data Export” screen and select the filter file). This saving step only needs to be done the first time.
  7. Then click on “Export”. 
  8. Open the file  
  9. Create the headers (by selecting the first row, then “right-click”, then “Insert”), and insert the appropriate headers (Patient First Name, Patient Last Name, DOB, Phone Number). There may be a couple of columns containing phone numbers. Choose the column with cell phone number, and label this "Phone number" 

Now, upload it to Klara following these steps

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